Inside my head, there is a small boy who looks very much like I did when I was a small boy.

Most of the time, he is restless. Sometimes though, he is not. Sometimes, he sits down on the carpet of neurons, cross-legged and patient. When he does this, I know the story is a good one. And at the end of the day, that’s what I care about the most: good stories.

Join me on this meandering journey through the weird and wonderful worlds of good stories. Regular postings will be Wordsmith Wednesdays (where I will discuss a writer and one or more of their books) and Silver/Small Screen Sundays (where I will discuss a film or TV show). Between these regular posts, other things will take the spotlight, but rest assured that they will always reflect the theme of this blog: good stories of the strange or supernatural.

There are no reviews here, only recommendations. I want to share why I think these stories are so important.

I hope you find what you were looking for, I hope you find something unexpected too, and feel free to check back in anytime you like.